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Recent posts by Elise Pivin

Java2wsdl is a command that is part of a package like GLUE for instance.
I cannot even download GLUE since I have a checksum error!!!

Any other idea?
15 years ago
The thing is that I am not using Apache-Axis but Apache-SOAP.
I suppose that in this case I cannot use the command, right?
15 years ago
Hello everyone,
Well I have successfully created web services (I am not using any tools) writing in Java.
I have written the application for Apache-SOAP AND for Apache-AXIS.
- With AXIS, there is no problem since the Tomcat main page. The Tomcat Manager allows us to see the wsdl files generated by AXIS.
- With SOAP, I cannot do it !

Unfortunately, the customer does not use AXIS and needs the WSDL files to create the client side.
Now, is there a way I could convert the Java codes to WSDL? I remind you that I don't have any tool installed on my machine. .

Thank you very much for your time.
15 years ago
In Axis, I have just realized that the wsdl files (found using Tomcat Web Application Manager) automatically generated by my application contained:
<wsdl:messagename="NEMOmodifica_nemonicoRequest"> <wsdl art name="in0" type="xsd:string" />
<wsdl art name="in1" type="xsd:string" />

Now, I would like to have the parameter names instead of in0 and in1 like I have defined it in the routine: public ObjResultadoBasico NEMOmodifica_nemonico(String p_nemonico_old, String p_nemonico_new)

Is there a way I could do it automatically?
I mean, how can I generate wsdl with meaningful parameter names instead of in0,in1...?

I think there might be a way of doing it. I think that the people working previously on this project managed to do it.... but there were using specific tools/builder. I am not using anything. I compile using a self-written script.. it might be the problem, I don't know!

Could you help!
Thank you
16 years ago