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Recent posts by Kanu Dialani

If you double click on the server it opens up the server editor. there you can increase the timeout values. This worked for me. I am using eclipse 3.4 and tomcat 5.5
Hi all,

I am a java/j2ee developer. i have worked on various different domains, but finance. I see lot of job posts which require financial experience FIX protocol, trading software etc. I wanted to know what exactly is required for a java developer to know about all these things. is there any certification for this?

15 years ago
Yes, i have JDBC code in a JSP. I am making changes to Oracle Apps e-business suite. the code is almost 8-10 years old. I know i should use a servlet, but the entire application is written in JSPs. This is required for client specific customization.
15 years ago
I have a situation where i need to make a asynchronous ps/sql stored proc. call from my JSP page (I just have JSP pages in the APP). When the user clicks on a link (hyperlink1.jsp), this pl-sql call must be made and then the hyperlink1.jsp should be executed. I can think of the following three ways to do this.
1) Using ajax, send a request to make the pl/sql call and immediately forward to hyperlink1.jsp
2) in hyperlink1.jsp, create a new thread and make the pl/sql call.
3) create a table in DB add a trigger to it which calls the pl/sql stored proc. hyperlink1.jsp inserts a row in this table.

Please suggest which is the best way to do this.

Thank you
15 years ago
I was using SOAP-UI for testing one of our web services. Even i got that same SSL exception. ALl i did was imported the certificate into the default cacerts of the JRE and it worked fine.
17 years ago
I have a requirement where i need to capture XML from a user and generate HTML form based on that XML.The XML will be stored in the database.
The XML will contain information about form fields and some light weight validations.On run time HTML form will be generated based on the XML.
When the form is submitted the data will also be stored as XML.

Is XSLT the best way to do generate HTML form based on XML ?
Thank You
Hello all,
I cleared SCBCD with 94% on Monday.
Head First + Specifications + + SoftSCBCD + 2 months = 94%

I need help on deciding what to do next.
I was planning for SCDJWS but i guess good books are not available yet ?
how about SCEA ?
[ August 23, 2006: Message edited by: Kanu Dialani ]
17 years ago
I have purchased SoftSCBCD exam stimulator. On every question it is mentioned, how many choices are to be selected. Does the real exam have such information for multiple choice questions.

This makes it a little easy to sort out the wrong ones.
I wanted to know how to establish a HTTP or HTTPS connection from command line script and pass some parameters.

I need to call a servlet from shell script or perl script.

I am new to both shell scripts as well as perl scripts, which one will be a better option.
[ August 07, 2006: Message edited by: Kanu Dialani ]
17 years ago
hi Ulf Dittmer

I know that once the user is authenticated, the user can not enter only when the session is invalidated. But i want my requests to be comming from my pages only. If u have used the www.icicibank, then u ll come to know what i exactly mean. If the user leaves my site then they ll have to relogin to access the web app, even if the session is still valid.
18 years ago
Hello all,

I have a small query. Suppose you have a very secured site. Now after the user has logged in, the user copies the URL from the address bar of the browser. Then in the same browser window user opens another site ( Now the user pastes the copied URL in the address bar . Here the request is bypassing the login page and the user sees the first page of the application. How can this be avoided. A classic example is some banking website, for example On this website the above situation does not arrise as ( i guess ) each and every request is being authenticated by the web application.

Please help me !!!
18 years ago
Thanx a lot Thomas, for your interest. Your code was helpful. Actually when i posted this msg on the forum i had not tried coding the interfaces. But after reading ur reply i ve tried with having a superInterface for both the Home as well as the Remote interfaces and it worked. I ve just tried it with 1 session bean. But i think it should not create any problems with multiple beans. This is not any requirement but just my curiosity. But i think when developing an application which involves many beans , this type of a design can be helpful.
Suppose if I have 10 session Beans. From my client application there are different modules that access these beans. I want to write a connection class which has a generic method that will return the Home interface. Now i want this method to return me the Home interface according to the parameters at runtime.

Suppose ....

com.MySessionHome intf = (com.MySessionHome) PortableRemoteObject
.narrow(o, com.MySessionHome.class);

Now can i have a Super Interface that extends the EJBObject and have my 10 different Home interfaces extend this Super Interface ....

so that the above line of code may look somewhat like this

.narrow(o, com.MySessionHome.class);

IS something of this kind possible ? If yes please guide me

Thanx in advance
Also if u have any stream open which is using that file in ur java class it wont delete the file !
18 years ago