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since Feb 19, 2001
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Recent posts by Revati Pathak

Hi friends,
I want to run a batch file from a servlet or any java program.
Is it possible?
22 years ago
I have a java program calling a C function using JNI. I am
using System.loadLibrary(libName) to load the library created for
I am getting the following error.
HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
Error ID : 4F530E43505002C4

Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.3.1_01 mixed mode)
Can any one suggest a solution for this?
Chandrabose B

22 years ago
22 years ago
why doesn't java allow multiple inheritance?
what are the practical dificulties in allowing
a class to extend more than 1 class.
After all , it allows multiple inheritance thro' implementation of interfaces.
22 years ago
Hello Friends,
I am involved in development of a financial product(JSP+EJB). Our requirement is that all the Forms should appear in the language depending on user's requirement. As it is a product we can't restrict the language.
One solution i found is use of resourse bundle(Property files) but it is too uncomfortable for the user.
There is one more issue of change in form's layout and also of client side validations.
Could anyone suggest some way to go for it?
Thanking you in advance.
22 years ago
Hello Friends,
I have one s/w developed in Power Builder. I want to interact with it using Java . can i call functions in PB using Java(JDBC)?
Hello Friends,
Thanks for your reply.
My problem has been solved. actually in exec command i gave the whole path of jdk1.3/bin/javac. Now it is working.
22 years ago
Hi Friends,
I have wrriten a servlet. the basic purpose of this servlet is that, it will capture some info from HTML Page, then it will create one java class (physical file). then it will compile the file . and then it will call the method of that class.
I am using JavaWebServer2.0
My servlet is .
the java class that i am generating runtime is implementing CommonInterface.
All files are in package rulebasedvalidations.
Now, all my class files(Try.class,CommonInterface.class )are in c:\JavaWebServer2.0\servlets\rulebasedvalidations
my new source file(suppose named is also in the same folder.
In , i have written a code to compile a file
Runtime rn = Runtime.getRuntime();
Process process =
rn.exec("javac -classpath c:\\JavaWebServer2.0\\servlets\\
where className is
but here i am getting an error like Superclass java.lang.Object of rulebasedvalidations.Rule5 not found.
when i tried the same command from DOS prompt c:\> its working perfectly fine.

Could any one please help me to solve this problem?
thanking in advance.

22 years ago
Hi friends,
I am working on a project which is basically JSP + EJB + servlets.
I want to use a Java Profiler for performance tuning. I have found two tools which are priced one . JProbe and Optimizeit.
Most of the features of both of them are similer.
has anyone used any of these products?
Which is the better one?
Please guide me
22 years ago
i am planning to answer JCP on 14th April. I have given almost all the mock exams which are there on site of Maha. in all the exams my average score is 88 - 90. i am getting 90 - 95 in JQ+.
Please give your opinion on my preparation.
Am i well prepared for the exam?
22 years ago
public class Test
public static void main(String[] args) {
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer("Java");

The default capacity of a StringBuffer is 16.According to what I understand, when the StringBuffer is initialized to "java" ,the capacity should still be 16 as the length of String java is less than 16.
It prints the capaictey as 20.why so?Please expalin!!
Try This Example
// ******************
class Test1 {
public static void main(String arg[]) throws Exception{
MyObj a = new MyObj("a");
MyObj b = new MyObj("b");

//circular reference here
a.o = b;
b.o = a;
a = null;
b = null;
// a and b are both eligible for GC now

MyObj c = new MyObj("c");
c.o = new MyObj("d"); //when c dies, d dies too.
c = null;

// an infinite loop here
// use ^c to kill it

MyObj[] objAry = new MyObj[1024];
int i = 0;
while (true){
// suggest JVM to GC

// use more memory here
i %= 1024;
objAry[i] = new MyObj("X" + i);

Thread.sleep(5); // Give CPU some breath time
class MyObj {
MyObj o;
String s;
long[] ary = new long[4096]; // make MyObj big

MyObj(String s) {
this.s = s;

protected void finalize() throws Throwable {
// Make GC visible
System.out.println(s + ": I am dying");
// ******************

[This message has been edited by Revati Pathak (edited March 27, 2001).]
there are no special settings of classpath to access classes directory. but if you are putting your class file in classes/bean directory then you must include the statement package bean; in your java file. otherwise it will not be able locate your class file.
this is essential in both the cases whether you import the bean.* using Page directive or directly say <jsp:useBean id="stringBean" class="bean.StringBean" />
hope this will solve your problem.
22 years ago