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Recent posts by yoga eesh

Welcome Matt. Hope the book really helps me in "thinking in an object-oriented" way.

Good thinking mate. At least one guy here thinks like me. But unfortunately I paid 176 british pounds ( inclusive of tax ) and passed my scwcd 2 days ago. But now I feel its a lot of money. I would never ever buy any voucher for sun certifications. Actually previously I had planned to take up SCBCD and also rest of the exams. But now, such a whopping price, I will never go for it. Guys I also suggest to you to think about it and do certifications only if you are too desperate. Just read a certification book ( like HFSJ ) and do the mock exam at the end for your satisfaction. You will definitely know how well you have understood the concepts. Let SUN reduce the price to the original fee. What improvements has SUN made to the exam to take extra money. NOthing. I suggest you all to please ponder over this.

take care.
Thank you all for your support. Future test-takers best of luck.
Hi folks,
I seldom post messages in this saloon. Just a mute spectator. Perhaps only to post my results. Anyway, I cleared SCWCD today, folks. But only 78%. I got 54 of them right. I was depressed for a few hours. Now I am ok. Though only 2 questions were hard. Those 2 questions were from design patterns. Though I knew all of the others, I didnt have enough time. This might not happen to most of the guys though. The only mock exam I practiced was the HFSJ coffee cram mock exam, and I had scored 50 in that.

Now, Let me get serious and give some tips for future test takers.

1. First of all, I secretly think that the test questions were prepared by Kathy, Bert or Bryan. Or may be by someone else, but definitely all the questions were from HFSJ. Questions were dragged from every nook and corner of the book, so guys better watch out 'There are no dumb questions' etc cannot be taken lightly.

2. There were about 5-6 questions from design patterns.

3. HFSJ is the book you need to pass the exam. I prepared for about 2 months.

4. Though I believe HFSJ is the best book, I have some complaints about it as well. From an Understanding-point-of-view, its the best. But the real headache is when you want to re-read it after a few days. Its such a fat book and looks overwhelming. The computer-book-models themselves take up more than 100 pages. and what with all the notes-like stuff in every possible nook and corner, its all the way more distracting and sometimes I had even left out some of those notes without looking at them. Also we cannot carry such books with us into our offices. Anyway, the book's a big hit among all of us. The book is my favourite too. I thank the authors for their sincere effort to help us. Authors, please dont mind the complaints.

5. Practice more design patterns questions, so that you feel comfortable. Its the most time consuming, so watch out.

6. 1 or 2 questions were replicas from the HFSJ coffee cram mock exam.

Thats all I think I remember. I also remember many questions from the exam, but I dont want to disclose it here.

Good luck to you guys.

Enjoy life.

Thanks everyone.
Instead of downloading and configuring plugins for eclipse, just download easyEclipse( server version ) from nexb. You will ge'em all out of the box.
Thanks Marc. Great Information.
Hey folks,
I noticed that SUN has increased SCWCD exam fees from 150 dollars to 200 dollars. This ain'fair mate. is it? Anyway, does the same objectives and the same HFSJ as earlier still hold good?

Is MZ's study guides available for download? I dont want to see them online. I want to study it offline. I didnt see any link to download the materials. If there is one, please guide me where to find it.


I am really sorry. Please dont suggest any answers for the above post for I have found a solution for it. I hadnt seen the post posted by mi Mohammad. He indeed has a solution for my problem. I had just missed a semicolon at the end of the classpath. and wasted one week just from that. Its really great mi mohammad. I wonder how u figured out the missing semicolon. In fact, a semicolon is not needed for the last value of the classpath. I dont know. Only God knows why. Anyway, mohammad thanks a lot for watching so keenly.

-- Yoga

I have recently started studying EJB using HFEJB. I have successfully deployed Advice Bean. I am facing Exception in Thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: while trying to run AdviceClient.

By the bye, I have tried all the other remedies posted on this forum, like changing the name of the method getAdvice(). Could anyone please help me as I have been wasting my time since a week on this.

Softwares I am using: 1. WinXP sp1.
2. j2sdkEE 1.3.1
3. j2sdkSE 1.3_02

I would be much obliged.

- yoga
Thank you Patrick for replying to my questions.
However, I am using Windows XP latest version. and j2ee 1.3 doesnt support windows xp. I dont want to take any risk. So I thought I would use j2ee 1.4 sdk. and I have heard that its only the Api and the ejb spec which are all that matters. or am I wrong?? Would that be a serious problem?

please post a reply to this topic.
Hi folks,
I am reading HeadFirst EJB for scbcd exam. I wanted to try the first example in the book. The book insists us to use j2ee 1.3 sdk for the deploy tool and other utilities. However, I want to use j2ee 1.4 sdk as a development tool. But I know that I have to read the EJB 2.0 spec and Api docs, which is not included with the 1.4 version. I have downloaded them ( Ejb 2.0 api and spec ) seperately. I want to use 1.4 only as a development tool. Is that ok? or is there any problem ? Please guide me. Can any seasoned programmer answer this ??

You can also email me at:
Yes. Everything is ok. All folder names and packages are exactly as mentioned in the HFSJ book. Whats the exact import statement I should use in the MyServletContextListener class so that the Dog class is visible to it?
Hello everyone,

I just started reading HFSJ book and I am having trouble compiling the servlet on P84. Tomcat 5.5 is setup on my machine and the previous examples are working properly. But for this one, with the 'import com.example.model.*;' line added, I've got a compiler error -

src\com\example\web\ package com.example.model does not exist
import com.example.model.*;
src\com\example\web\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class BeerExpert
location: class com.example.web.BeerSelect
BeerExpert be = new BeerExpert();
src\com\example\web\ cannot resolve symbol
symbol : class BeerExpert
location: class com.example.web.BeerSelect
BeerExpert be = new BeerExpert();
3 errors

and also for the example between pages 170-180, that is the Dog example, I get the same error like the one above when I compile the that is "the Dog class was not found" error.

What should I import to make the MyServletContextListener see the Dog class. Can anybody help?
A fast reply is much appreciated.

Thank you!!