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Recent posts by Pratik Lohia

I am setting up a new PHP based website. I am new to this whole website building thing.

I need to setup a mail server on my localhost machine. After lot of research I zeroed in on a Java based tool called Java E-mail Server(JES). I am somehow not able to configure it to perform mail functions from my localhost. Is there any help available?

Is there any other Java based mail server that I can use???
Is it possible to post e-mail from my localhost machine and local address e.g to a address such as This when I have not hosted my website yet, but have an ISP and all requisite servers on my machine itself(call it the local test environment)??

I ave tried but not much help seems available on the web, or I might be putting up improper queries... So I turned to the ever helpful Javaranch
16 years ago
I need to develop a customised application, but my team is spread across an entire city....
We need a online version control system, that can act as or soure repository as well as provide liberty to ppl to work at their own time....
It also needs to be economical, as we are working on a shoe string budget

Also, it is not possible for us to setup a dedicated machine that wwill be connected to the net 24 hrs, this option we have already explored and did not find feasible

Pratik Lohia
[ December 08, 2006: Message edited by: Pratik Lohia ]
I need to create an installer for a java application. With izpack, when I try to creatre shortcuts, as requied, I add the native library Shelllink.dll using the following code in my xml installer

When compiling the xml I get the following error

The file is present in the path required.

Please help....
I am using izpack to create an installer for a SWING application.
I need to do the following with my installer...

1. The installer should check for the jre version installed in the client machine. If it is lower than 1.5, it should automatically launch the installtion of jre 1.5 which will be shipped on the CD.

2. It should check for the location of Winword.exe and AcroRD32.exe and paste the complete path as a value to a variable in the properties file.

Any help...
17 years ago
Could not find a better forum for this query...

I need to creater a installer to package my product written in SWING and make distributable installers for it.

Are there any such installers available? Since mine is a startup company... I am looking at low-cost installers.
17 years ago
I want to create an application in which I need to create new tables from my JAVA program as per customer request. The DB should be light weight, as my application is a client application running on stand alone computers
Well ... though as of now I have not been able to get a generic program for a report from a JTable, I have developed one for a TableModel. If that can be any help, I would love to contribute it to the itext community. Just tell me how i can do that.
17 years ago

Need to generate pdf reports from a JTable.
Need an itext tutrial for the same.

Any assistance

Thanks and Regards
Pratik Lohia
17 years ago
I hav a bean say

private String name;
private int age;


with appropriate getters and setters

I have a UI screen to accept these fields in JTextFields as say,

JTextField jEmpName = new JTextField();
JTextField jAge = new JTextField();

How can I map the values entered in these text fields on the UI screen to that of the variables in the bean

17 years ago
I am trying to build a small GUI application using SWING. Can you suggest me a tutorial for beginners in SWING and where can i find one...
[ August 17, 2006: Message edited by: Pratik Lohia ]
17 years ago
The problem was actually with the way the select boxes were populated.
I dont know why the WSAD keeps crashing, but to get around the server problem, do not reboot your PC. just kill the process using the task manager. Go to the Process tab of the task manager and kill the javaw.exe task (easy way to identify it is that it uses a high amount of your RAM).
This should allow you to restart WSAD and the server again
[ May 03, 2006: Message edited by: Pratik Lohia ]
17 years ago

remember that a manifest file is recognised only with 80 character lines
17 years ago
How do I specify the username and password for my source repository using the pvcsget task. There are no attributes for username and password for this task. I tried using setproxy. Dont know whether it is the right way... but even that does not seem to work
17 years ago