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Recent posts by Prashant Mishra

In a project that I am working on we are facing some issues with JMS Correlation IDs.

Essentially, the customer is receiving JMS messages on a queue and then converts that into a Java Object. He then performs some operations and has to return to us the result of that operation with the same correlation ID. However, when he converts the JMS message to a Java object this ID is lost. I am not fully in the know of his environment, and have been asked to help from the outside.

I am looking for suggestions to solve this problem. Any help will be appreciated.

Reply for Alfred � Thanks for the information, however, I think that the links that you have provided would not do justice to the preparation.

I have been preparing (off-and-on) for this certification. I began for 665 and later switched to 667. I find that this study material caters more to 665 (which you mentioned correctly is easier) rather than 667. I have mostly read the entire stuff, and I recently took the sample exam for 667 where I failed. There can be two reasons for that:

-Maybe I am incredibly stupid ( which could be a high possibility )
-Or, the maybe the preparation wasn�t based on the right material

The questions on the sample exam (or the ones that I faced atleast) are entirely on architectural issues - why, what, where, how, whom etc � which can be answered by (a) experience or (b) with the knowledge gathered from correct reading sources such as design/architecture guides.

There is no single place where all this information is provided which makes 667 a difficult exam to crack. It requires a thorough research on all materials presented on the 667 webpage. Even then it can be confusing, time consuming, and sometimes repetitive. I believe IBM itself doesn�t have a coherent source for the preparation of this exam and therefore has dumped the entire library on it. Or perhaps, it wants to motivate people to take the online/classroom courses (which I doubt).

In any case if some one there gets some good information please do share with others. As for me I continue toiling.
Use a JDOM Parser and some Java programming. I dont know what you are trying to achieve but maybe the following code snippets can help:

Hope this helps.
The problem is that these XML files come from an Integration Scenario, where at times the middleware adds some header information before the root element of the file.These headers might have some weird characters, and might not be same for all files.I have to work on these XML files, and hence the need to some how cut of this "not required" information.
Hi William,

Tried out the idea you suggested. Still the same results

Any other ideas will be welcome.

I found some resources. I will read through them.

Is there any documentation/links that you can point me to?

I have program that uses JDOM to read through and extract information from a XML file. It works pretty fine with normal XML files, however, some files which I recieve from users have a prolog before the root element.
When I use the prgram to on these files I get the following error:

org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed in prolog.

I know its becoz of the prolog but I cant ask the users to remove it.Can anybody suggest a work around? Or is there some way in which this offending prolog can be removed within my module?

Thanks in advance!!
I need the information available in the XSD to create mapping relationships used for messages in a Message Broker project.
Hi Everybody,

I am trying to read an XSD and create a CSV file from it. Is there any tutorial or sample code that can help me in this. Any help will be much appreciated.

14 years ago
Hi Everybody,

I am trying to read through an XSD and create a CSV file. I was looking for some guidance in the form of tutorials or sample code that I can study/use for this project. Any help will be much appreciated.

Let me know your email address, I will send them to you. BTW, I just checked the site, it seems to be working for me.