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Recent posts by sergio mendez-rueda

Hi @timothy sam,
<quote>if he could give me something that I can do in Ruby that
I cannot do in Java, then I would go learn Ruby
<quote>"If it doesn't exist, make it!"</quote>make it!
Here "the something-ruby":
We want to write a function that generates accumulators--
a function that takes a number n, and returns a function
that takes another number i and returns n incremented by i.
(That's incremented by, not plus. An accumulator has to accumulate.)
p.s. number => java-jargon: the function must be "generic"

viel spass(hoffentlich kannst du dieses Problem knacken:-))
def foo (n) lambda {|i| n += i } end WOOOOO!!!
please, post your java funtion!!!
Ken Anderson says that the following code is about as close as you
can get in Java:
public interface Inttoint { public int call(int i); }
public static Inttoint foo(final int n) {
return new Inttoint() {
int s = n;
public int call(int i) {
s = s + i;
return s; }};
This falls short of the spec because it only works for integers.
16 years ago
Hi Alec,
you are right.
the pages 643 and 635 of HFjS + ErrataBook instanceOf totalWrong ==> true
Book + errata are a big desaster.
the resin tutorial (resin-3.0.149) about security is very nice. Try it(It's free)
You can find the tutorial about security in Tomcat under:

Originally posted by Brian Percival:
when they say no script is allowed, I would think anything which starts like <%...
is not allowed.

Now that makes me wonder if a jsp comment is allowed.. like
<%!-- ......

any comments?


scripletless means:
no declaration, expresion or scriplet
but <%-- this is a comment --%>
This is a comment.

Originally posted by Edmund Yong:
Hi David,

That's what I suspected, and I've searched the Internet and found that it's true. HttpSessionActivationListener should NOT be configured in the DD.

But seriously, how can the authors of HFSJ make such an obvious mistake? In this case, the errata should contain a lot more because all the stuff mentioned in 2 or 3 pages in the book about HttpSessionActivationListener are wrong! For example, it mentioned that HttpSessionActivationListener can be implemented by an attribute classes as well as other classes. It should just be attribute classes, right?

read the specification. No problem

Originally posted by Bert Bates:
Ice, Mat, et. al.,

1 - Be a study guide for the Sun exam
2 - Be an intro to servlets and jsps

-[ July 26, 2005: Message edited by: s mendez]

Hi H. Bates,
(bartender and AUTHOR)
(wer schereibt wirklich ein Buch or are there a lot of ghostwriters overthere?)
conceptual question,
the facts(this is your book):
HFSJ page 296:
API Implicit Object
JspWriter out
HTTpServletRequest request
HttpservletResponse response

page 339 mock exam

In sequence what are the java types of the following JSP implicit objects:
application, out, request, response, session
Do you know, what are you writing about?
==>jsp-2_0-frspec.pdf(Table JSP.1-6 Implicit Objects Available in JSP Pages):
==> request protocol dependent subtype of:
==> response protocol dependent subtype of:
==> ...

I think, your ghostwriters have no idea about JSP Specification Version 2.0
Human errors can only be avoided if one can avoid the use of humans.

Originally posted by mohan dodderi:
thank u very much shiva can u tell me the JBoss version.

thanks and regards

use JBoss version 4.0

Originally posted by kapil munjal:

requestScope[integer] return 0

- It will look for a attribute with the name 'integer', and it will find the value of this attribute as 3. But till now this expression has not looked into requestScope. Its just the EL which is being processed. Now, it will look for the 4th element in the requestscope and it will not find anything as there are only 3 elements (0,1,2). So, it will return 0.

But it we do this -
requestScope["integer"] or requestScope['integer'] return 3

It will look for a map value with the key 'integer' and it will find the second key in the map and return the value 3.

Hi Kapil,
your explanation is fine!!

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
--Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz

Originally posted by J Johny Rufus:
Hi Shiva,

I perfectly agree with Narendra, as "Scriptless" bars the usage of two things

1. scriptlets <% %> and
2. scriptlet expressions <%= %>

Thanks and Regards,

und what is about this <%! String Hi_you_declaration!!! %>
compile or not compile??

Originally posted by kapil munjal:
Please go to page 394 of HFSJ and you will find the question.

requestScope[integer] return 0 but
requestScope["integer"] or requestScope['integer'] return 3

Originally posted by Sirisha Reddy:

It is just me? or is there anyone out there on this small planet who share my views.

Describe HFSJ by basham/Sierra/Bates in 7 words:
==> CLEAR and wrong, than FOGGY and right <==

this time, like all times is a great time as long as
we read the right books
(R. W. Emerson pharaphrased)

Reading about jboss portal some people speaks about PORTLETS, can you gimme a short clear example of what a portlet is?

try this tutorial:
The single biggest enemy of reliability and
perhaps of software quality in general is complexity.

17 years ago

So, what is it that someone could do to convince the decision-maker to pick JBoss over other App servers?

there are a lot of wonderful open-source projects(JBoss, Hibernate, Spring), and their support is not NULL.
The big shots think: no one is fired because she(or he) go to Bed
with IBM (Web logic JRun etcetera). Open-source??? no idea!!!
It is a schizophrenia, the big shots "do it" costly, but what
count is to "do it" cheap and right.
About JBoss-support: the reaction-time of JBoss breaks
the general relativity theory!!!
`Once,` said the Mock Turtle at last, with a deep sigh, `I was
a real Turtle.`
`Well, then,` the Gryphon went on, `if you don't know what to
uglify is, you ARE a simpleton.`
--Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

17 years ago

Wondering what is the quickest way to write the deployment descriptors for deployment of apps on JBoss? Is there an IDE that makes the process easy?

Hi Saurabh,

Yes there is an IDE: Eclipse 3.1 + lomboz plugin (,,
It features:

+Building Web applications with HTML pages, servlets, JavaServer Page (JSP) files.
+Generation of Web and EJB containers using wizards.
+Generation of EJB test clients using wizards.
+++J2EE Web application archives (EAR), web modules (WAR) files and
Ejb archive (Jar) file deployment support.
+++Integrated EJB 1.1 and 2.0 (Session, Entity and Message Driven Beans)
development with XDoclet.
+Enabling end-to-end local and remote testing of application servers.
+Ability to support almost any Java application server by extendable
server definitions.
+Ability to debug live server-side code (JSP & EJBs) using the
integrated Java debugger.
+Increasing productivity by using wizards and code generators
+Generate Web Services clients form WSDL files (using Apache Axis)

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore
--Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz

17 years ago

Originally posted by Sirisha Reddy:

I heard a lot of good things abt this book. I bought one and it is definitly not for me. Very hard to read and remember for someone who used to regular textbooks which are filled with less/no distractions (extreneuos diagrams / photos/ pointers/jokes etc.)

It is just me? or is there anyone out there on this small planet who share my views.


HI Siri,
What is your problem?
you bought a Book with one error pro three/2 pages!!!
what do you want??
(I think: you don't like f*** errors)
Quote: Note to parents and puritans ...that the starts with f,
followed by ... is not what
you think.... It's funny,
by Basham, Sierra, Bates, HFSJ, first edition , a lot of errors(239)"

Originally posted by Nick Bowman:
[QB]Hi there,
I was so eager to get the Deshmukh/Malavia Exam study kit that I bought the old version from Amazon for 310-080 by mistake

Hi Nick,
or SCWCD Exam study Kit, second edition by Deshmukh/Malavia/Scarpino considered HARMFUL!!!
after Dijkstra(paraphrased):
The use of Deshmukh/Malavia/Scarpino (SCWCD 081, second edition), cripples the mind;
its reading should, therefore, be regarded as criminal offense.
And think about: Nothing is expensive as making mistakes(by
example reading a bad book. dito.)