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Recent posts by Cp Baherwani

I watched the episode 9 of the series after hearing it from my carpool friends and getting a little background about storyline. I could not stop laughing midway thru the episode

The Indian guy, Mohinder Suresh, tries to access his dad's computer and is asked for a password. He tries once but wrong password and I started laughing. The characters he is typing in six character password field appear on the screen instead of "******". He tries second password as "KYLAR". Stupid!! The password field has six blank spaces, why did you enter only 5? The third one, "SHANTI" gives him access to the computer.

My wife asked me why am I laughing and for once I was able to explain a computer security problem to her.
17 years ago
count function gives the number of rows in a group/table.
"select count(*) from employee"
gives the total number of rows (employees) in the employee table.

"select count(*), department from employee group by department"
gives the number of employees in each department.
Reading thru weblink:

Product Details...
Publisher: Pierpoint-Martin (November 14, 1999)

And one of the comments:

Much of the advice in this book may have been useful 10 years ago, but isn't relevent today. The picture of a pile of 3.5" floppy disks on the back cover is a good indication of the dated material in the book.

Well, lets assume no bubbles busted in past 7 years and world is not happy with CDs, DVDs, BluRays etc. and waiting for floppy disks to come back. Seems like a pretty useful book to me
17 years ago
Congratulations Dave for getting married.

As I remember reading during my school days, every human being hears his/her voice differently than others do. The reason being our ears get our own sound vibrations thru two mediums: thru air (sound waves) and internally (because the vocal cords and ears are very close, some sound vibrations are passed to the ear drums from within body).

I tried searching the internet but could not get relevant links to verify that, however wikipedia gives some good information on their article "Human voice"

17 years ago
I do not get the question completely. You press Ctrl+A to select all the rows, then how do you need a mouse click to select the 4th row?

If your question is that you selected some rows and need to add the 4th row to the selected rows then:
Hold the Ctrl down when you click on the 4th row to add it to current set of selected rows.
17 years ago
In getRowCount(), you return 0 when you catch an exception. If the query did not return any rows, the calling method won't know the difference between 0 rows in ResultSet or SQLException occured. The practice I follow is to return some unexpected value, say -1. You can also throw the exception from getRowCount() and handle it in calling method.
17 years ago
You are cordially invited to Strokes�III, an Exhibition of Abstract Paintings by a young artist Reema Bansal.

Reema was drawn into arts at age 3 and has persisted despite neuropathy � a disease which involves weakness of hands, arms & feet. Also, recently, she completed Visual Arts Appreciation, an online course from University of Oxford.

Inauguration will be done by Dr. Kiran Bedi (Director General, BPR&D). She is also the first lady Police Officer of India.

Attached for your convenience is the invitation brochure. I request you to forward this invitation to your friends and relatives - especially in or around New Delhi.


All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society
1 Rafi Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi, India
Phone: 011-23711315

August 26-30, 2006
26-27 August, 11am-7pm
28-30 August, 1pm-7pm

Reema's website
Invitation and press coverage

I work with Reema's brother Sameer in New York. If you want to buy Reema's paintings in US, you can contact Sameer.

Reema and Sameer's contact


[Edit - I moved the location to the front of the topic since it got trimmed on the main saloon page - Dave]
[ August 24, 2006: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
17 years ago
Don't know what mods say. But purists say, please don't corrupt the word 'corrupt'
17 years ago
In my opinion, the words d*ck, b**b, sh*t, f*ck don't fit in the 'be nice' policy.


There are lot of Hindi words which would translate to a**hole etc.
17 years ago
Many of us access this forum from work and won't like the sniffer programs to read the 'not nice' words if you happen to click on the link below.

We don't want a Google search for 'unlimited dirty jokes' to end up on JavaRanch.

Only fun forwards for fun ...
17 years ago

Originally posted by Ankur Sharma:


After 88 replies over-all in Java Ranchers now you are aware of this information that BanaShankari is not the real name..

Could you pls share with us how do you get to know that this name is not following Basic Naming Policy.???

David would not know if 'Bana Shankari' is a place in Bangalore, but other ranchers from Bangalore may know and they are supposed to raise a question. This is how it works.
Going thru this thread I find that 'Rathi Ji' is not a first and last name combination. Rathi is a last name in India and 'Ji' is a suffix used out of respect.
'Rathi Ji', please fix your display name. Thanks.
17 years ago

Originally posted by Ernest Friedman-Hill:
Whatever it is, it's not in /usr/dict/words.

Yepp, its not there. Do you have access to internet?
But strangely, I get 'Chathuringmes' not found error on Webster, Britannica and Wikipedia.
[ July 26, 2006: Message edited by: Chandra Prakash Baherwani ]
17 years ago
Synchronized keyword doesnot work for a class.
Please refer this thread.
Read this first, if you don't understand the joke. I did
Who is Chuck Norris?
17 years ago