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Recent posts by Amol Juvatkar

Great it worked !
Thanks Satish.
14 years ago
Hi all,

in our project, my teammate is reading email and storing body of it in form of htm file, somewhere on disk like d:/body_of_emails/a001.htm.

I have to display this htm file on jsp page which is running on tomcat server along with other details to user.

Using iframe I can achieve this, only if those htm files are stored in context of project.
But storing huge amount of htm files daily inside tomcat is not feasible.

Kindly tell me how can I display those files.

Amol Juvatkar
14 years ago
Hi Siddharth,
Proxy Bean is kind of virtual Bean,
where we actually map advice for particular target Functionality.

There are basically 3 parts while creating proxy bean,
1. proxyInterfaces : which is interface implemented by target bean.
2. interceptorNames : which states which advices are to apply on target bean.
3. target : which is target bean on which we need to apply advices.

kindly go through following sample, which might help you to understand in better way.

many thanks,
Amol Juvatkar
From my point of view,
Pointcut and Advisor are two different jargons used for same purpose.

Defines where exactly the Advices have to be applied in various Join Points.

crosscutting are the additional functionalities like logging, transaction management, user validation which are not part of actual functionality but are necessary for its completeness.

this link might help you to understand in better way.
Thanks for your Help Praveen .

Amol Juvatkar
I am new to spring, and now comfortable with basic configuration of flow of spring framework.

Currently I am enhancing a module,
wherein a developer extends AbstractController for controller class,

I just need to know what is basic difference between
extending AbstractController and implementing Controller ?

I mean are there are any scenarios where in we must use AbstractController, and like that.

thank you,
Amol Juvatkar

can anyone give me code snippet, or link to any resource or documentaion for connecting and retriving data from dominos server.

I searched for same topic on google but did not get any desirable link.


Amol Juvatkar
Thanks Alan,

now one more doubt.

statement 1 formatting doesn't work.
with statement 2 it works properly.

in general both are strings only.
so what may be wrong ??

16 years ago
Thanks for your help.

16 years ago
hi ,
i want to display number as format 99,99,999.99

I am using DecimalFormat("##,##,###.00")

but sill it is showing output as 9,999,999.99

kindly suggest me if there is another solution.

my code is like this,

16 years ago
hello friends ,
I am able to retrive and display all users with theirs groups from Tivoli LDAP server.
by following instructions from

But my requirement is to display all those users which do not associate with any group,

how can I do that ??


Originally posted by Paul Clapham:
Perhaps it would be easier to answer the real question.


real problem is ,
as per my requirement, I was trying to retrive user data, including password from LDAP using java APIs.
but password for known user is displayed in different format,
after going through link

it says userPassword attribute is returned in UTF-8 format. To use this attribute, you need to convert it from UTF-8 into ASCII.

hope you got my problem,

16 years ago
hi all,
I have String in UTF8 format,
how can display it in ascii format.

16 years ago
hello friends ,
I am dynamically adding labels in panel which is in ScrollPane.
After adding more labels , vertical scroll bars are visible as usual.
But newer labels are hidden behind the scollPane.
I want new labels to be displyed on top wherever added.
Any Idea ??

17 years ago
hello friends,
On lost focus of text field I am doing validation and Keeping focus in same field with error dialog if validation not succeeded.
Problem is that dialog displayed more than 1 times .
Point to note is that
> same code work fine with jdk 1.4,
> if I comment line textField.request Focus(), code works fine even in jdk 1.5 ,
but I need to keep focus in same field.

----------------------- code -------------------------------

What can be the solution ??
17 years ago