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Recent posts by Arun Kumarr

I don't think you would get a reply for a random decompiled code. We folks might want to first understand if whatever you did is legal and ethical.
You might want to put some references here,  like say, it is open source and the company who wrote the game are okay for users to download the code, decompile it and understand it.
That said, if it is was truly open source, they would publish a git or src code in one of the sites.  
7 years ago
thumbs up for " the time I've worked through all these things I have to find out about, I've forgotten what I originally wanted to do!"
Feels like reading wikipedia and clicking the related links in the content for sometime, you suddenly wonder what you came here for..
8 years ago
Home is.... where I don't have to wear a mask.
8 years ago

Karthik Shiraly wrote: My problem is with the human aspect of it. I see such procedures as a lack of respect for our own citizens.

I fail to see why the word of a legislator / government officer / school principal is considered so sacrosanct.
All of us in India know just how venal these people are, especially the former two.

There are so many cases of legislators and officers who have forged signatures and orders to do crimes like usurping public land.

Such people are being given the right to judge whether the rest of us are honest or not!
Sorry, but I find it absurd.

- I think the issue is from where we are standing and seeing the world.

I look at the picture top-down and say the top guys are responsible for the shit in the heads of the bottom guys, but you look bottom-up and say the bottom guys have shit in their heads because people in the top are a**holes.
8 years ago
I worked as a part timer during my college days in University of Madras and I know the pain of maintenance. So, the people are idiots comments was based on personal observation.
8 years ago

Anayonkar Shivalkar wrote:The funny thing is - (almost)nobody knows why those procedures are in place

Cat in the Monastery


In a way, I can understand why we really have the gazetted officer attestation in place. This is a kind of verification is for library(ies) which can't afford to have the facility to verify the passport or identity proof because they are not "integrated" with the passport systems or driving license systems. Ideal thing would be to have a library system which does the checks for you. On the other hand a gazetted officer is authorized to do this check by checking your face against the passport (anyone can do this, but are they authorized to do it!!!). So clearly the enabling of the person sitting in the library desk was not done. If you see, it can't be done by random government officer. There are only specific set of people who can(will) do this and they are supposed to do check that you are what you are claiming in the identity proof. (They have a fee and do it without proper process, is something which needs to be fixed in the gazetted officer attestation process, not the library process, IMHO)
Coming to self-attestation and gazetted officer attestation, it is analogous to the question, is your system going to sign the bank statement PDF which is sent out or is it going to use a centralized signing server.

Now, all's fine. Why have such a verification for a library card, is something I don't have an answer for!!
I can think of some reasons, though.
1. If there is a bomb blast in library, we know exactly who that is (assuming library has got a video camera).
2. If you abscond with a book, then they know who to catch. ( the upfront caution deposit you pay might be much less than the actual cost of the book you take).

You may be surprised that in India, to run a library and to be sit in the front desk as an government employee you need to pass courses like CLIS, BLIS and MLIS. (certificate/bachelor/master in library and information science). I'd treat library books, the same way I'd treat any information which is going out of systems (with the non-repudiation part, authentication and authorization involved).
Can you go to a company with identity proof, passport and get an access card to get inside their office? You can't.

That said, I personally support (though however stupid the process may sound to you) this check because, you have no idea how many idiots are there who have absolutely no sense of responsibility and respect towards books. It's like what one of the JR members had mentioned (Pat farrell, I think) - "People are idiots. Period".
8 years ago
Can you check if the android jars are present in class path, in eclipse?
8 years ago
Cheers for changing the name.
Yes. Do post your feedback. Get back, if you are stuck somewhere.
8 years ago
Great. Can you post the error message and your code?
8 years ago
Ah!! Yes. I think that is what he is mentioning.
In my computer my R file is present inside the jar "..sdk\platforms\android-22\android.jar" at the location android\R.class".
I use version 22 of the sdk. Hence 'android-22' in the directory path.

But wait! Are you not using any android development tool to develop?
If not, start using one. I use the Android Studio built on top of IntelliJ Idea IDE.
You can also use Eclipse for development. But Android Studio is the official supported development environment for android.
I suggest you migrate any old projects (if present) or develop any new projects using android studio.
8 years ago
If you want to get it on your jsp, you can use,

If you want to iterate through all the items in then you need to use "<s:iterator>" tags.
8 years ago
request.getSession() will provide the session object.
Can you share the code you are currently using to put the admin object?

But how to retrieve that session Map Object in my class.

In which layer does this class reside? Does it have access to HttpServletRequest or HttpSession?
8 years ago
You can learn them individually first.
No you don't need to understand J2EE to learn hibernate and Spring Core.
You may need to understand the Web standards of Java to learn Struts and Spring MVC or Spring Webflow.
8 years ago
Again, may be it's stupid. You are doing a clean, but are you building it again?
8 years ago
The R stub file is automatically generated by your IDE?
You need to compile the Code and R stubs are automatically generated. Are there any other errors in your project?
Try to fix them and recompile your code.
8 years ago