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Recent posts by rashmi choudhary

Hi Ranchers,

We have celebrated my dad�s 50th first birthday on OCT 10th as advised by Shailesh Chandra very well, thanks a lot shailesh and rancher for making my wish true of celebrating my Dad�s 50th Birthday

I have presented him a diamond ring, I think he felt very happy, myself felt very much satisfied

Hi Dileep, you will definitely find assistance from ranchers and will celebrate your Mom�s birthday All the Best

15 years ago
Hi Ranchers,
Thanks a lot for al your answers and time �.

Shailesh as you said as per your calculation On 11th October 1959 do you think is it accurate, how you calculated it??

I did not find any other reliable source to verify OCT 11

If any body could verify from some reliable source and update that would be really great

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
Hi Ranchers
I need a small favor from you guys , I need to find the exact date of my Dad�s birthday to celebrate it after 50 years, My Dad was born in year 1959 , 15 days before Dasara festival in India,

Could anybody help me to find what the date was???

so that i could celebrate his birthday next month

Thanks in advance
15 years ago
Hi All,

I would thank Arvind, Jignesh , Rooland, Radhika, Ankur and others for providing very valuable advices and time.

Please don�t confuse me, I am already in the confused state whether to join ABAP or no, other ranchers please give me your valuable suggestion.

I would be very happy to hear if there is any rancher who took any SAP Online course in Siemens and would like to shares there SAP online course experiences.

Though I have java experience, since I am interested in SAP, I have made all the documents ready I will be Appling for education loan from HDFC today�.

Other ranchers please provide your valuable suggestion.

16 years ago
Dear All,

I have been working in java since 3 years in the same company, I hold SCJP and SCWCD, as I couldn�t see much growth in my current position from now, and I am looking for change.

I am very much interested in learning SAP, Having 3 yrs experience in java which SAP module is preferable and you would suggest which could do well for next 2 years.

I had been to Siemens Bangalore were they offer SAP Courses and HDFC back were I could get loan and got the following information

[b]Online SAP Course Duration: [\b]
200 hours � (minimum 25 working days and maximum of 5 months)
Slots available from 7 am to 10:00 pm
Fee structure Course Fee of Rs.1, 20,000 + service tax @12.36 Percentage,

Certification Rs.25, 000 + service tax @ 12.36 Percentage

HDFC Bank Loan Information

I could get 90 Percent loan from HDFC Bank, out of 1, 50,000 which I could repay in 4 years time and I also get tax exemption on that amount�

BTW is there any rancher who took SAP Online course in Siemens and would like to shares his SAP course experiences

So sorry for the long description guys, let me know your views on this.

16 years ago
My brother had recently 2 days back blocked a 40*60 plot by paying 2 lakhs rupees in bangalore near jakkanahalli which is located 11km from the electronic city with 450 rupees per square feet is it costly would there be any appreciation for this plots

Did any other ranchers buy any plots in Bangalore if purchased can u please say the price per square feet and the area were you purchased .

Ranchers please give your suggestion regarding purchasing a plot in electronic city is better or near yelankha airport is better. I heard that nowadays real estate is the only business which gives 100% returns within one year in Bangalore is it true.


Can u please briefly describe Which would be the best area to buy the plots in Bangalore.???
18 years ago
I have recently made metro membership card and visited metro dealers in yeshwanthpur road, Bangalore really I was shocked seeing the very low prices of branded items.

How does this metro work how cum they sell the item for so low cost, which is the items u think that we can buy in metro.

Are the metro people cheating the customers selling low quality items saying low cost.

Thanks in advance, waiting for reply
18 years ago
How could i start the disussion with manager regarding hike.How could i start explaining achivements.plz provide suggestions.

I will proceed depending on ur suggestion and post the result in two days
18 years ago
Dear Ranchers,

AS ranchers say Appraisal time is the right time to ask for salary hikes,here i am in that golden period.I want to utilize this chance to maxium extent.My manager said tommorow he is going to discuss regarding salary hike.

I have been with the company since 6 months this is time for appraisal
How could i start the disussion with manager regarding hike.How could i start explaining achivements
I am planning to ask 120% salary hike because i am worth can i ask or no plz suggest me
I will proceed depending on ur suggestion and post the result in two days
18 years ago
Thanks for spending time reading quetions

1) what is appraisal form.
2) What details should we fill in that.
3) Who all should fill in that if i am java developer.
4) In my company there is appraisal for every 6 months.I have been working since 6 months.
5) Whom should i approch for appraisal form either Hr or my manager.
6) When will that appraisal effect from 6th months or from 7th months.
7)I am planning to ask hike at this appraisal time how can i proceed plz provide ur suggestion to get maxium hike.

Thanks in advance.waiting for reply
18 years ago
Hi KJ Reddy & Ranchers

I am sorry to post in Job Discussions.can ranch moderators plz transfer to meaningless drivel or lock the thread as u wish.

Thanku KJ Reddy for ur response even i did not post in correct forum
18 years ago
Hi Ranchers

I am thinking to get into business from this IPO.shares and mutual funds.Can you people suggest me, which demate account will be good ...

I have account with citibank and i am planing to open citibank demat acc.what is ur suggestion regarding this.Is citibank demat acc has all functionalities.

By opening citibank demat acc can i use India Bulls,Sharken Brokerage.or should i have to use seperate demat acc.

everymonth i can save 3000 rs which would be good option to invest ie either IPO,Mutual Fund or Shares.i am 21 years old

i can spend 2hrs daily on investments information.

plz guide me

18 years ago
It would be better and we would get clear understanding.if u people would mention ur salary as follows

4)exp in months

mine is as follows

1) 1,44000
2) Automated Workflow Pvt Ltd
4) 11 months
18 years ago
Thanks Mr KJ Reddy for ur quick and very valuable response.I will wait for some time and raise 120% salary hike issue during the appraisal and i will let u know the status of hike.
18 years ago