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Recent posts by nitin pokhriyal

Hi guys,

I am working on application and recently got a requirement. In that requirement i have to make different module and all the modules can talk to each other or they can work independently. So i used spring as interface for each module. Each module defines it's dependency in spring file. I was wondering if anybody worked on same kind of requirement where you need different components in spring based application but module should be able to work independently based on configuration.
13 years ago
anybody has any idea or shd i try different approach to this problem

I am having a very big table some 50 column or so on it and i cannot break that table. So i decided to break my hibernate class into 2 object
1. Customer(name, custnum, id)
2. Customer address(address)

The reason is because i want to show address only if asked for otherwise it will load data into memory.hibernate mapping goes

customer dao is

customeraddressdao is


The problem i face if i run Customer returns 6 result and custadd return 3 only. i was wondering why customer results 6 instead of 3 record which is actual count in db.

This is regarding a provider interface. I have one question running from Ivan's note which has already WSDL with it. I want to ask is there a way to get Java to WSDL approach with using Provider interface.
I didn't mean specifically TransactionId but some sort of identification which is recognized by all to cancel order. I think orderId makes more sense.

Thanks for your time in replying queries.

Thanks once again.
Thank.. So during undo there has to be some common Id. It can be Transaction Id which is common to all the webservices to undo. is this assumption ok?
Thanks Ivan, you cleared my doubts i had similar example in my mind about undoing but all pieces were scattered you made it clear.

I can brief you example like this.

Customer "A" places order on a "DELL" website. then "DELL" makes futher call to vendor for e.g. "Network card", "Graphics card",etc" then they will process order
and finally customer gets his order.

Thanks once again.
Ivan thanks a lot for your reply. Looking design pattern i got few question

Atomic Service Transaction :

Q1: In description it is mentioned that Service A and SErvice B start local transaction and save state temporarily. So all services are running under user's parent trnasaction? how service a and service b transaction aware of SErvice c transaction? Only service which is invoking SErvice a, b and c knows it. I think it looks more of TWO-Phase commit.

Compensating Service Transaction :
I did not got this. It has very short description. I will google it more..
I have a question in mind. If there is web service "A" which calls WEb service "B","c" and "D" in a transaction. If "D" fails then how to rollback "B" and "C" transaction. Do we have to make another call to rollback those changes.

What amount of data you guys are trying to load with hibernate?

13 years ago
I wrongly marked this thread as a resolve but actually it is not. So can admin help here to reopen this thread or should i start new?
What terracota can do in this scenario? I think "Terracota" is a company with lot of products under its belt.
Hi ,

Recently i came to encounter a situation where code works fine in single environment using synchornization block but now code has to move in clustered environment. I was wondering how can we prevent same thing in clustered environement. Any idea is appreciated.