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Recent posts by Bharat Chatla

Hi all,

Can somebody pass me the portlet development guide using JSR 168.
15 years ago
Hi all,

Can somebody give me a good link for Portlets development using JSR 168.

15 years ago
Can somebody give me a good link or material for Websphere Portal Themes and skins basics and development.
15 years ago
I want to change the log file location and the name of the log file which is set by default in portalserver. Default location is wp_root/log/wps_date.log

But when I change the file in location wp_root/shared/app/config/ with logFileName = wp_root/log/bharat/wps_date.log the new log file is not getting generated on path wp_root/log/bharat/

What could be the possible reason. How to solve this issue.

Below is the file for reference.

# The name of the WebSphere Portal Server's log file.
# This setting is ignored if the WebSphere Application Server's log files are
# used.
# The following tokens are replaced by the corresponding values:
# $APPSERVER_NAME The name of the WAS node, this should be used for vertical
# clusters to enforce that the different nodes write into
# different files or directories
# $CREATE_TIME The time a file was created
# Default: log/wps_$CREATE_TIME.log

# Uncomment the 'traceString' line to activate tracing in the Portal.
# The value of 'traceString' has to conform to the following grammar:
# TraceString := <ClassString>(:<ClassString> *
# ClassString := <ClassName>=<type>=<state>(,<type>=<state> *
# ClassName := a java String
# state := [enabled|disabled]
# type := [all|low|medium|high]
# The ClassName is used to identify the class (or set of classes) to
# apply the specified change to. This ClassName may either be an exact
# name which uniquely identifies a single class, or it may identify a
# point in the class hierarchy class by using the "*" wild card
# character.
# For example, if classes a.b.c.d and a.b.c.e are registered, then the name
# a.b.c.d applies to just one class and the name a.b.c.* applies to both.
# Following are some samples of valid trace Strings.
# a.b.c.d=all=enabled
# a.b.c.d=low=enabled,medium=disabled
# a.b.*=low=enabled:a.b.c.d=low=enabled,medium=enabled:a.b.c.e=low=disabled
# In case the traces are turned on for the complete portal environment (e.g.
#*=all=enabled) the portlet debug traces will be enabled as well.
# To disable the portlet debug traces the follwing traceString should be added:
15 years ago
Thank you John
15 years ago
Why map is defined a separate interface from the collection interface in Collections Framework?
15 years ago
If you can give me some links for more on parsing in terms of code then it will be very nice.thanks a lot.
15 years ago
I have also tries
{System.out.println("description value"+el.getNodeValue());}
but it prints description value as null even if description has value.
15 years ago
I am trying to parse xml using JDOM and if the tag value is empty it throws null pointer exception even though i check for null value.

NodeList description = rootElement.getElementsByTagName("description");
for (int i = 0; i < description.getLength(); i++) {
Element el = (Element)description.item(i);
{System.out.println("description value"+el.getFirstChild().getNodeValue());}

<byBusinessArea name="Corporate, Investment Banking and Markets">
<country countryName="test">
<program programName="">


please suggest. Also suggest which parser is good one and any sample code for parsing.
15 years ago
Thanks was really good information.
15 years ago
How to save the state of the object using custom Externalize.
15 years ago
Can anyone explain me how Custom Externalize works with example and its advantages.
15 years ago
congrats dev.... can you plz post the links of the mock test which are really useful for the exam.
16 years ago
Congrats !!
Can you send me links of mock tests and other links to refer.

16 years ago