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>> Any other options used any where?

JBoss Seam.

EJB3 are lightweight. We are planning to use them along with Seam framework.
I read the documentation that Hibernate does support JBoss TreeCache for second-level caching. Does it support JBoss PojoCache. The reason I ask is that PojoCache does have features like fine-grained replication.
Please check your jndi-pattern declaration, in the Seam example I see the following:
<components xmlns=""
<core:init jndi-pattern="@jndiPattern@"/>
Can you give more info on your env ? Are you using Seam framework ?
What is the scope of your stateful: session, conversational etc ?
One cannot say any one of those is better than the other. It depends on the context. In the context of "invalidate" example above, or simply your code is simply trying to check if an object exists in session (if getSession returns null, you know the answer, I don't think you want to session to be created for this purpose....), it makes sense to use false. There are ohter examples given above in which case passing true makes sense.

In a nut shell, not any one of those be considered as a standard for all contexts (or all applications).
14 years ago
Hibernate 3.x default functionality supports transaction level caching. For second-level caching (process or cluster-scope) you would have to use another cache provider such as EHCache or JBoss cache. You have to brainstorm first whether you really need second-level cache. I recommend Gavin King, Christian Bauer's book: Java Persistence API, which has one full section on Hibernate caching with examples.
One advantage of using EJB3 for BOs is, if you need to add business logic later on, that would be better fit at BO than DAO.
it would match the nearest best fit short->int->long->double...I believe.
public class Area {
public void Area(int a, float c, int b) {
this(a, b, c);
public void Area(int a, int b, float c) {
// find area

May be you want to use this way, first constructor with a, c, b will call the second one with a, b, c parametes.
JSPs is implemented as a servlet internally. For example, Sample.jsp gets translated into which is the equivalent servlet.

It's faster to develop JSPs as you can implement both HTML and Java in same file. As long as what you are doing in Java is too complicated, otherwise maintenance JSPs could be difficult.
15 years ago
With 'true' it creates a session if it does not exist, with 'false' it returns active session if exists otherwise null. It would be more efficient to use 'false', so you don't unnecessarily create sessions, and create sessions only when needed.
15 years ago
There is very good pay for siebel consultants, with reasonable knowledge. For the similar pay you have to J2EE Architect with a lot of experiencce.

But in a couple of years, siebel will merge in Oracle Fusion.
15 years ago
From career point of view, Wipro Architect sounds much better than Sr.Engr at Sterling Testing. I would not worry too much about the package, unless it is 10% or more difference.
15 years ago
Companies seem to move away from Solaris to much cheaper versions (Linux etc), for these skills the opportunities become less and less. Java usage is growing and there will be more and more opportunities.

Similar lines, there will be more with Java skills than solaris admin skills, so more competition. I would lean toward Java developer, you should also consider which one naturally appeals to you.
15 years ago
When an object is stored in a session and later we change that object, does that change reflect in the stored object. For example:

My impression is that objInst gets serialized and stored in the session, so any changes that are made later will not be in the objInst. The above code will just print 99. Please correct me if this is wrong.
15 years ago