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Recent posts by R K Parulekar

Those who are in Chennai and wanted to go for Dandiya,could go to Malhar�s Navaratri Utsav Dandiya. Last year it was at Egmore. There are many more dandiyas arranged in the city by Maharashtra Mandal, Gujarati Mandal � go and enjoy..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Devesh H Rao:

Again I repeat When in rome do as the romans

When in tamil nadu speak tamil, when in maharastra speak marathi, when in punjab speak punjabi .

Do you mean Dr Abdul Kalam follows this rule ? NO

In Delhi he speaks English , NOT Hindi.
In Maharashta will he speak marathi ? In Gujrat will he speak Gujrati ?

For him the rules are simple "Me , Myself and Mine". Hard to digest from president of India, but this is the truth. AND THAT IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE, FOREVER.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Devesh H Rao:

1/4 = "sawa"

Correction :
1/4 = "Paav"
5/4 = "Sawwa"
But again, 5/4 actually means "sawwa ek", likewise, 9/4 means "sawwa don", 13/4 = "sawwa teen" etc

In Marathi it is like
1/4 = "paav"
1/2 = "ardha"
3/4 = "paun"
5/4 = "sawwa" (in general)
3/2 = "deed"
5/2 = "adich"
[ September 24, 2006: Message edited by: R K Parulekar ]
15 years ago

I have just taken South Indian/North Indian as well as food as just an example.

I just want to convey that why people from once place don�t give a try to indignities [food/language/culture/habit] of other place.

I can understand, your intentions are good. But the things doesn't work always the way we want.
I was bit disappointed with the generalization part alone. What all I mean is out of four south indian states only few people from one particular state has these issues.
Moreover, they do not have issues only with so called north indians but also with fellow south indians and hence they don't like sweet sambar of Karnataka and Spicy sambhar of Andhra.

To understand food/language/culture/habit related issues better, you have to work in Chennai. There are many surprises like this..
15 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
Why North Indian wishes that South Indian too like their Shole Bhature?

Why South Indian don�t leave their Curd Rice and try Shole Bhature for somedays?

I think you are generalizing the things not all south Indians have this problem. So be specific to your query.
Analyze and find out who exactly are they. And I'm sure,8 out of 10 will have problem with sweat sambar of Karnataka , EXTRA spicy sambar of Andhra etc.

Ironically, in parties, if they are not watched by any so called north indian, then they will eat only Roties, Paneer Buttur Masalas, Jeera Rise etc.

guess why ???
[ September 11, 2006: Message edited by: R K Parulekar ]
15 years ago
Request to moderator , please do not close the thread. If at all it uses a Bad language , edit it.

[Content removed]
[ September 07, 2006: Message edited by: David O'Meara ]
15 years ago
Wish you all a very happy Raksha Bandhan/ Rakhi/ Narali Pornima. BTW, can somebody suggest the best and trusted website I can send gift from.
15 years ago
Does anybody have mp3 (or any other format) and lyrics of Hindi song "Dil hoom hoom kare" ? from film "Rudali", sung by Bhupen Hazarika?
15 years ago
How is "Omkara"? Has anybody seen?
Planing to see on this weekend.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Ashok Mash:
Correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I understand, this was to prevent certain bad guys are using blogs to post provocative stuff, which we could do really do without, especially after the Mumbai blasts last week, and already there is a certain level of tension and mistrust in the society.

While blocking a website is silly, and probably wouldn't help much, I believe the reasoning behind it was sincere, and that they would remove the block after while.

True. In India, internet, still is not part of the source of information for many; although, the things are changing faster , it will take some more time.
Many blogers, blogs with false names and identities, post insensible /provocative stuffs on internet, which might not be in nation�s interest. I think, instead of blocking, govt should have a strong intelligence service (along with the international setup) to catch hold of the culprits, if any.
Anyway, India offers better freedom of speech and expression (than many countries where you can not even stand n speak in public, no rallies ).
And various news papers and channels makes it possible to reach them to the commons.

So no worry.
15 years ago
We will take it case by case.

Chanderpaul and Saravan case:
Pls. read my previous reply.
Chanderpaul and Saravan had said in TV interview that they celebrates Diwali (and Diwali in India is special for them) , listens Bhojpuri songs and have Indian roots.
Now, if they claims that they have Indian roots, what do I do ? You better, talk to them, why do they claim Indian roots when they don't have one.

Whoaaa Big flaw in your argument mate. lets see
I speak the English language, I also speak a bit of french
I listen to English music and sometimes spanish/french also
I watch English movies and rarely on occasions french films as well.
I celebrate christmas also
Well what do you kow.... I have English and French Roots. I cant wait to claim ancestory now.

My view:
I guess, you are an Indian (90%. or 9 out of 10) as your name suggest. (but as per your "naming" logic as in case of "Vikash" , I could be wrong. )

Everybody, in India can speak English, watches English movies and listen English songs.
Every nook and corner in India, you will see the coaching classes for French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. however, same is not applied to Bhojpuri etc. in abroad.

Why 90%? on what grounds do you deduct 10%?

The percentage, I derived, is from my day to day observations in various parts of the world with various communities, however, I have not done any specific research on this subject.

The pakistanis, the bangladeshis, the sri lankans, the nepalis etc. all do the above are they Indian now?

Yes, in Europe/America they are identified as an "Indian subcontinent". (But they are not Indian by nationality, same is the case with Chanderpaul etc. )
Even the restaurants owned by Pakistani is identified as an Indian restaurant.

You could not possibly define concretely what exactly Indian language/movies/festivals are.

Easy buddy, quick google search will help you knowing what exactly Indian language/movies/festivals/foods are.

And what happens to people who live in this country are Indian citizens but dont watch Indian movies or say listen to Indian music does that percentage then go down to say 60%?

What is the percentage of the Indian citizens AND residents , who does not speak Indain language AND does not listen Indian music AND does not eat Indian food AND deas not watch Indain movies?

Will not be more than 3% ,my guess. Isn't it? So they are exceptions.

Another thing there is a reason Eropean languages are called Indo European, and going by that logic every word in the english dictionary could be claimed as having roots in sanscrit.

I don't want to claim "every word " in English dictionary to have Sanskrit origin; But, yes, I do claim that there are "innumerable" words in English , have Sanskrit origin.
(Again, quick internet search will reveal that.)

Where is to stop? We invented the zero are we to claim calculus/physics and chemistry as Indian inventions as well? heck lets claim the nuclear weapon as an Indian Invention. Bottom line is this in this world we all have pasts and identities that stem from disparate places and circumstances. We all use things that have been concieved of or made possible by thoughts and idea of minds around the globe. We should accept it at that and not lay claim to things we shldnt by bringing up impossible and childish mythological examples and stories that are obviously unobvious.

Again, we can not claim each and every thing as an Indian. We can not really generalize the claims. But, if we take case by case, we could claim certain things, Indian.

Awaiting reply from others as well.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Amitabha Batranab:
What do you mean by roots exactly? those roots were uprooted more than 300+ years ago, their roots are in their own countries now. what they do have are ancestors that Had origins in India. But thats about it. These guys are 4th and 5th generation trinidadians. And a common belief is that they all speak bhojpuri which they dont, only a small minority of surinamese do.

That was what Sarwan and Chandrapaul said on TV interview when WI were on tour of India last season (sometimes around Diwali).

My view:

If the person
Speaks Indian language (Hindi/Bhojpuri in this particular case)
Listen Indian music (Hindi/Bhojpuri in this particular case)
Watches Indian movies (Hindi movies in this particular case)
Celebrates Indian festivals (Diwali, in this particular case)

More than 90% chanses, He / She could be have Indian roots.

And the name trinidad is not of sanscrit origin, Christopher Columbus named it after the holy trinity(trinidad in spanish means trinity) which he named on sighting three peaks when he first discovered trinidad.

In schools, I�d read Napoleon�s theory about �Naming� (and claiming ) standard of various cities and places, I don�t believe.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Pradip Bhat:
Lot of WestIndies cricket player have Indian names (thier ancestors were Indian) but they played very well against India.

Yeah, they have roots in Bihar(one of the North Indian state), including sarawan and chanderpaul .Many of them can sing Bhojpuri songs, celebrates Diwali , but can not speak Hindi or Bhojpuri properly. Even name "Trinidad" is of Sanskrit origin.
15 years ago

Originally posted by Daniel Bauer:

I beg to differ - he was born and bred as a French national - his first language is probably French, not Hindi.

Even in India many Indians don't speak Hindi even if it is their mother tongue. Many bollywood actors acts as if they are English. Many Indians have complex, for them English is superior than their own languages and feels low when speak their own mother tongue. Sad but true.
15 years ago
Amitabh in Deewar(Old) : "Oof tumhare Oosul tumhare aadarsh �"

I do not know the full dialog. Anybody could complete this?
15 years ago