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Recent posts by Shashank Tanksali

Originally posted by Fais Ari:

I am planning on taking the PMP exam. I see that you are already certified. Can you guide me on the pre reqs and a forum where there is PMP discussion.

Thanks a lot!

Check out the following forum.. You should get enough material from this site to get started.
And of course there is the official site

Good luck,
Here is where I shop :
  • Groceries etc : Safeway (You will find these mainly on the west coast).
  • Inexpensive clothes etc : Kmart (Of course the mall looks like a godown, but you get to save a lot of money)
  • Electronics : Almost always online

  • Merchandise : Walmart
    [ October 08, 2004: Message edited by: Shashank Tanksali ]
  • 19 years ago
    Gives a whole new meaning to the term 'burning the midnight oil' when it is the middle of the day outside.
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by sunitha raghu:
    Is Ma Baker starts like this
    Mabaker had four sons....something like that.

    mamma mabaker....

    It starts with something like this :

    Freeze...This is Ma baker. Put your hands in the air and gimme all your money.

    She was mean as cat... in old chicago town..
    19 years ago

    My Favourites
    She's crazy like a fool
    Ma Baker
    19 years ago
    Congratulations Dave !!!

    Originally posted by Amit Agrawal:

    wats that??

    Elaine Benes is the name of the character in the serial 'Seinfeld' (previous post). Elaine Benes happens to be a friend of Seinfeld along with Kramer and Costanza.
    19 years ago
    Most asian languages when written tell you exactly how to pronounce the words. This is not the case for English. For example, nobody in the world can figure out how to pronounce pseudo when they see it for the first time in their life.

    Even simple words like behind are pronounced differently. Some of my colleagues would pronounce it as bah-hind and others would pronounce it as bee-hind.

    Maybe this is the reason why there are so many accents in the English language.

    I thought good old England had just one accent. Boy, I learn something new almost everyday.
    19 years ago
    English is one language that seems to have so many different accents. Almost every english speaking nation seems to have its own accent. The most prominent accents being American,British,Australian.

    I am not aware of any other languages in the world that have any accents at all. Sure, the same language is spoken differently (usage of different words/expressions etc), but I feel there is no significant difference in the accent for any other language.

    Is English the only language with so many different accents ?

    In fact, the American accent itself has so many differences, you can very easily tell if a person is a southerner,New Yorker or a Texan.

    Recently, in India with all the call centers opening up, several language institutes have come up that promise to teach you a global (or neutral) accent. Since the call center operator may speak to a guy in Europe one minute, a guy in the US or Japan the next minute, they need to speak in a neutral accent. Is there any such thing as a global or neutral accent of English or are these guys being taken for a ride ???
    19 years ago

    Originally posted by Warren Dew:

    So what's my share of your profits, Shashank?

    Hey Warren,

    For your share of the profits, I am afraid, you will have to wait till Aug 10 (the date for the next Fed meeting).

    19 years ago
    Viewing foreign language movies is a great way to learn about other cultures and customs.
    You probably should see an Indian movie. There are tons of them out there.

    Just for the record, India makes more movies every year than the rest of the world put together !!!
    19 years ago