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Recent posts by Brendan Richards

Here's an alternative / simple way to do multiple checkboxes within a data table. With this method you dont need to bind your checkboxes to anything server side except the ids of the object you want to select.

PHP coders will immediately recognise this...

1) put a plain old tag in your table column and binding the id of the record you want to select.

2) In your action:
- get a HttpServletRequest Object:

- request.getParameterValues("toDelete") will return a String[] of selected ids
12 years ago

I've been getting this problem even after moving everything to c:\java.
problem seems to be caused around line 91 in run.bat - where your system level PATH is referenced.

Now, my %PATH% contains loads of useful windows tools all sensibly installed under "Program Files" and using " around each entry - which breaks line 91 of run.bat.
I sure ain't gonna change around everything else installed on my windows system just to get one server to run.
In my case, none of this non-java stuff needs to be passed to -Djava.library.path so I just took all references to %PATH% out:

Looks like this reference to your path was added as a result of this issue:

I'd argue that you really don't want to be throwing your whole runpath at java just to make Oracle OCI drivers work - you end up with a situation where non-java & jboss related configuration changes (ie installing another program that touches your PATH) could suddenly break your installed jboss instance.

A couple of possible suggestions:
- have a JBOSS_PATH environment variable?
- rework this section of run.bat so it doesn't die if users quite reasonably have spaces and " characters in their %PATH%

12 years ago
I've found an FAQ entry that has some good info on this topic: