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CodeGym: Online Tutorial to Learn Java

Are you learning Java? Try CodeGym, an online platform for future Java professionals.

CodeGym is one of the best options to learn Java online in an interactive way with a lot of practice.

You can try it for free right now or use a special promo code ‘CODERANCH’ to get a 50% discount on a yearly subscription plan**.

What is CodeGym?  

  • An interactive online Core Java Course, focused on practice with 1200+ coding tasks of varying complexity with code validation and virtual mentor support
  • IntellijIDEA plugin that is built into the development environment, and you can complete CodeGym tasks directly in IDEA
  • Huge Community of Java beginners and specialists to help each other to learn
  • Articles about Java, programming learning, job searching, passing interviews, tech trends, and so on  (in addition to the main course lectures)
  • Games section: try to create one of 8 (for today) classic video games using step-by-step interactive tutorials (free of charge).
  • Handy Android mobile app to learn java on the go
  • Available in English, German, Polish, French, Chinese, and Hindi languages.

  • Who can be a CodeGym student?

  • Absolute newbie
  • The one who tried Java a little bit
  • Who want to recall core Java  
  • Who continue their learning
  • Programmers who know other languages
  • For manual QA specialists who want to learn Java to create tests  

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    How is the learning going?

    At the beginning you and your CodeGym alter ego (it’s automaton called Amigo) have a zero level. You start to read the first lectures and solve the first tasks. For each task you get dark matter points, which can be spent on opening new lectures and moving to the next level. Thus, you pump your Java knowledge and Amigo levels from zero to 40.

    You can solve the problems through the CodeGym website or right in IntelliJ IDEA. You solve the task, and submit it for review. If all is well, you get the dark matter points. If not, the virtual platform sends you hints as to what might be wrong. If you can't solve the problem, just skip it and return later. Or click on the help button, this will take you to a page where students and specialists help each other with Java-related questions.

    What type of tasks does CodeGym have?

    CodeGym contains Core Java programming tasks of varying complexity

  • Easy tasks for learning and consolidating theory
  • Tasks for ingenuity and finding a solution
  • Fixing bugs in the code
  • Refactoring
  • Adding new features
  • Projects (e.g. ATM emulator, link shortener, job aggregator),
  • Game projects (simple shooter, arkanoid and snake clones, sokoban and others)

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    Is CodeGym free?

    A large team is working on the course every day, to constantly improve its quality, to support it, and replenish it with new features and high-quality content. That’s why the course is paid. You can purchase an annual or monthly subscription. However, the level-zero is free to complete. The Games section is also free, as well as the Articles section.

    Use** a special promo code ‘CODERANCH’ to get a 50% discount on a yearly subscription plan and start your Java developer way!

    **To activate promo code, please contact the CodeGym support team after registration and before payment.